Penguin Love

You’ll never believe it.

This Penguin named Jing Jing swims 5,000 miles each year to be reunited with the man who saved its life.

The rescuer Joao is a retired bricklayer and fisherman who lives near a beach in Brazil. One day in 2011 Joao discovered the Magellanic penguin lying on rocks at his local beach. The penguin, little Jing Jing, was in bad condition. He was head to toe(claw) in oil and had little time left to live.

Joao rehabilitated Jing Jing by cleaning off its feathers and rebuilding its strength with fish. After just one week of help from Joao, Jing Jing wouldn’t leave.

This sounds like a folk tale but Jing Jing finally decided to wander off after 11 months by Joao’s side. But he wasn’t gone long. Just a couple months later Jing Jing found Joao and came home with him for another year.

Joao says he loves Jing Jing like his own child and truly believes he loves him as well.

Some behavior examples are that Jing Jing allows Joao to give him showers, pick him up, feed him, lays on his lap and only allows Joao to touch him. He pecks at others!

What’s extremely wild is that Jing Jing hasn’t forgotten Joao. He returns to him 8 months every year for the last 5 years. He arrives happy feet and all to see his rescuer in June and leaves in February.

When I meet new people I always talk about my giant pet penguin…

It’s a good icebreaker!

Thank goodness for mercy…

Owning wild animals as pets is illegal in Brazil. But because of Joao’s kindness, he is allowed to host Jing Jing the 8 months he is there every year.

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