Adopt A Grandparent

I have a couple very distinct memories of my grandparents. One is visiting my moms parents at their country home in Wyoming. My grandpa would always take us fishing, and my grandma would snuggle up with me and watch game shows on the tv for hours on end. To this day that is why I still love watching game shows! My other dear grandma is known far and wide for her hospitality- always hosting soup lunches. She has an abundant number of recipes and somehow always seems to remember everyones favorite. She hosts for not only her family but friends of her family and those who she does life with.  One of my goals in life has been to be as welcoming and inviting as my grandma- always full of life and zest.  

Grandparents play a special role in many of our lives, even if you don’t have ones you’re related to they can be any elderly figure in your life. 

During this crazy time, it has been especially hard for those who are elderly. Many of them in nursing homes aren’t able to have visitors, and those at home are generally staying away from people anyways because they are at high risk. And then there are also those who don’t have family or friends to love on them.

So this week we wanted to encourage you to reach out to your grandparent or to even go farther and sign up through this organization to adopt a grandparent! They will walk you through the process of getting connected with somebody who is elderly and in need of a friend.

Link to Adopt a Grandparent

We would love to hear stories and see photos about the person in your life who has got to fill that special role of a grandparent! 

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