Hugging in an Aldi Parking Lot

During the normal Aldi grocery run our customer Chip was checking out behind this elderly woman who was struggling to get around. Somehow Chip’s groceries got mixed in with hers but before he could say anything the lady swiped her card & said “It’s on me. My pleasure.” & walked away.

Chip was stunned & went outside to thank her. He asked her why she wanted to do that. She responded that she has been in pain with a bad hip so whenever she starts feeling sorry for herself she makes the decision to switch her focus to love & serve others.

What a woman to learn from!

Chip saw she was hurting & asked if she wanted a hug.

The story ends with 2 strangers hugging in an Aldi parking lot after a simple act of kindness.

Q: What sea animal likes hugs the most?

A: The Cuddlefish

Wishing a wonderful week for each one of you. 

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