Mini Comfort Candles Donated to Healthcare Heroes

With your generous help, we’ve been able to gift 275 Mini Comfort Candles to local Health Care Heroes! Hooray!

We dreamed up the Comfort Candle November 2019 to be a candle given to those going through a hard time, specifically through a loss or sickness. The back of the candle says “May you find freedom, peace, and comfort when you light this candle.”

The first responders have been so fundamental in saving the lives of those affected by coronavirus. We wanted a way to thank them. It may seem small, but receiving an unexpected gift has brightened many health care workers days. It’s been a gift for us to make mini Comfort Candles and involve people to distribute these candles. 

Our hope was that these Comfort candles would serve as a reminder to health care workers after a long shift that light overcomes darkness!

One nurse said, “It smells amazing!!! We all absolutely loved the sweet gift. It brightened our day…” Another commented, “I am a nurse at Saint Luke South Hospital. Continue Good gifted all the employees with a candle. Continue Good has a mission to encourage kindness and fight human trafficking. Thank you for making my day brighter!!!!”

Here are a few images highlighting the gifting! Shock people with kindness today!

Q: How do you make a candle really happy?

A: Blow it out, it’ll be delighted.

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