Tears in Savers

Welcome to the CG story time! We want to encourage good news and grow together.

We want to tell the story of our customer Lynn and how she #continuedgood.

First I want to say that I’m a huge fan of Lynn. She’s been through hard times in life yet keeps a smile on her face and lends a helping hand whenever it’s needed. She’s cool, tech savvy, can handle any D.I.Y. project you throw at her, and can beat anyone in racketball.

So Lynn was at a Savers shopping and overheard a mom with 2 kids telling her child she would like to buy the toy the child was asking for but didn’t have the money. Lynn felt nervous to overstep or offend this woman but she felt this was an opportunity to be a light and continue good. She went up to the mom and said ‘I overheard you saying you were having problems with money. There’s nothing worse than shopping with kids and not having money” and she gave the mom some cash. The mother was extremely grateful and had a tear in her eye. 

They say don’t go grocery shopping while you’re hungry.

But it’s been a week and I just keep getting hungrier.

Lynn #continuedgood and we are so grateful. Thank YOU for taking the time to read.

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