Words of Affirmation

I still remember the way that I could feel my hope dwindling like the summer sun fading beneath the brick building across the street. Coming back to the base where I was staying, it was hard to look for the hope when all I could see were the faces of the kids who represent social injustice. 

As I sat there on the cool sidewalk, all I could think of was those sweet innocent faces. To me, social injustice now had curly hair that was tangled into beautiful ringlets framing the most beautiful blue eyes. It had become the hands of a young boy who wouldn’t let go fo the scrawny puppy covered in fleas . It had become the little girl who wouldn’t leave my lap because she wasn’t about to let go of the rarely experienced tangible love. 

I was in South Africa doing missions work and had just come back from a township where the little kids stole a piece of my heart and broke it for the social injustices in this world. Yet it did even more for me, it created a spark to do something about the social injustices around us  and to this day those kids are my motivation for using my voice to help others to be love and kindness in this world. 

For many it is easy to dissociate themselves form the hurt in the world. To create distance from those suffering because it doesn’t immediately affect us. Maybe the message resonates, but the action rarely follows the conviction. Yet it is so much easier than we think to get involved, to be a light and a voice of encouragement. 

This week we want to encourage you to tangibly extend love to those suffering through writing affirmation to somebody in need- creating a personal connection to the social injustices around us. 

At the coffee shop where I work we are making those connections through our affirmation station. Where you can write letters and encouragement to girls being rescued or recovering. This letter is from a sweet little girl who came in one day, and it brought such a smile to my face and so I wanted to share it! 

The thing is, it doesn’t have to be fancy or perfectly written-what matters is that you are reminding people that they are not alone. You taking a few minutes out of your day to call out the good in somebody might be the very thing that they hold dear to their heart in the hard days. It might be the motivation they need to not give up, to keep on fighting. 

There a lot of organizations that you can do this through, one of my personal favorites is http://www.moreloveletters.com/the-letter-requests. You can become pen pals with a prisoner, you can write letters to those coming out of trafficking or even letters to kids and families who have kids sick in the children’s hospital. The possibilities are truly endless, and as you send out your words of encouragement we would love if you shared with us the way that you are being a light! 

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