Coming Together

Lately the news and social media has been filled with a lot of negativity and the thoughts and ramblings of people who are afraid or uncertain about what will happen in these times. It can be draining sometimes to see all the news articles and postings about what is going on in the world with the Corona Virus. Which is why we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the good that is happening as well as ways that you can continue good!

There are so many things that we can be doing to come together and to be beacons of hope in this time. Here are just a few simple ways listed below, and we would love to hear your stories as you do some of them!

–       Write letters. Especially to the elderly people who feel very alone and isolated in this time. But you could also write to any health care workers that you know! As well as daycare teachers who are still diligently showing up at work and taking care of the kids whose parents have to be working at this time.

–       Tip a delivery driver or drive through worker generously. Especially if your state has closed the restaurants and service industry type jobs

–       Support a local small business. In this time, a lot of small businesses are taking a huge hit and so your support means even more! It can be anything from buying a coffee or meal to using their website to buy something from them!

–       Face time or Skype your friends and family! Especially those who you might not hear from as often-use this time in quarantine to reconnect and check in.

–       Share this blog on your Facebook page to support our small business but also to just brighten others days with all of the good things listed below.

Alongside doing all that we can to bring hope and kindness into the world, we wanted to share a few stories with you about the good that is happening in the world around us amidst all of this chaos. Below are a few of the stories that we found! Feel free to send us any other stories you have read or experienced in your own life 

–       A 103 year old woman with the coronavirus made a full recovery

–        A bride donated her flowers after having to postpone her wedding due to the virus –

–       Stores are creating elderly only hours to help those who are at risk

–       Students at Yale created this organization that helps people to get the resources and groceries that they need.

–       A couple left almost a 10,000 dollar tip at a restaurant in Houston, telling the restaurant to spread it out over the next few weeks to help those who were serving there

–       A teacher sent letters to every one of her 6th grade students to help them know everything is going to be okay and that she is still there for them

–       Shortage of masks for health care workers has volunteers sewing them

–       Girl scouts set up a digital cookie booth to donate cookies to health care workers

–       Virtual tip jars are being set up to help those who are servers and impacted greatly by these times

–       People are putting up Christmas lights again to cheer up others in quarantine and also to remind people there is still Light and Hope in these times

–       A man wishes his wife happy 67th anniversary from outside of her nursing home with a homemade sign

–       An art teacher in Tennessee streams live classes to kids who are quarantined

–       Josh Gad (the voice of beloved Olaf from frozen) has started to read stories on his twitter account live for people to listen

–       Chic-Fil-A delivers free meals to health care workers 

Our hope is that in this chaotic and unknown time these stories bring you hope and remind you that we must stick together and watch out for those around us. Look for the good around you, find ways to spread joy, reach out to those in need and see what you can be doing to help! Together we are going to come through this stronger and more united.  A lot of us may be quarantined, but that doesn’t mean we can’t come together and unite with one another. Use the #quarantinedtogether to share your stories and to show the ways that you are coming together to encourage others despite having to keep your distance!

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