Celebrate Others in Creative Ways!

-Written by Timia Roehrkasse

One of the things I have been noticing during the corona virus pandemic is that there are so many celebrations that either aren’t happening or they are getting put on hold. From baby showers to graduations to weddings- there have been so many changes and adjustments being made to how people are allowed to celebrate. 

Today we want to remind you that regardless of what is going on around us, you can still celebrate people and you can still find ways to empower them in their journey! Here at Continue Good we want to encourage you to make celebrating people a way of life-always looking for ways that you can encourage others reminding them of the worth and value that they bring into the world! 

For me, one way we were able to celebrate a cousin of mine who graduated med school was to have a family zoom event where we all ate dinner together at the same time! This was quite the feat as I have family in Germany, Asia, and all throughout the U.S but we were still able to make it work! 

We would love to hear how you are celebrating people in your life! Email us or respond to this post to let us know if you have other ideas to add to this list as well! And let us know if there is anybody we can give a celebratory shout out to on social media- we would love to be a part of encouraging you and your community! 

  • As mentioned previously zoom is a great way to celebrate others 
  • Send somebody a letter to celebrate them 
  • Drive by birthday and graduation parties are a great way to celebrate others while still maintaining distance 
  • Drop flowers off on their porch if they live near you 
  • Order a wedding present for a couple whose had to change their wedding date 
  • Send a gift card in the mail to a grad whose finished school 
  • Take time to call the person you want to celebrate letting them know how proud you are
  • Send a gift in the mail ( with amazon they have quick shipping as well as gift wrap options)
  • Make a post on social media to let them know you are proud of them 

As you read through these ideas we hope you are inspired to go out and celebrate others! As well as don’t forget to celebrate yourself and how far you’ve come in your journey! 

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