Paint the beauty that you see today. This is the beauty we see.

This is a photo of a portrait I painted while on an Anniversary trip in the mountains.

I wanted to continue thinking on recent events and pray for all the hurting black communities in a way that was natural for me. I love to paint. It’s something that eases my mind and focuses my attention on the present moment.

Painting this woman I was struck by the poise, grace, and depth she carried in her eyes. I see hurt but I also strongly notice hope.

If you’ve got an afternoon to reflect and think through what your next move is in this injustice I completely recommend it. It’s not time that will be wasted. If you’re up for it, try reflecting in this way of creativity or in your own special way.

Here are some ideas we have… but we value your beautiful mind and hope you would let us know what you come up with!

  • Enjoying a picnic with yourself and listen to a podcast covering racial injustice.
    • The Messenger Podcast (Christian perspective of Race & Reconciliation)
  • Invite close friends or family to your house and watch a movie or documentary then have a conversation about it after.
    • Movies on Netflix: 13th, Dear White People, American Son, The Help, When They See Us
  • Read a book and host a book club. Be the Bridge is a popular option!

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