A remote Alaskan town is fed solely by one single grocer.

Due to COVID-29 small, remote towns in the US have been hit hard and often times have a break in their supply chain.

This was the case for remote town Gustavus, Alaska. It’s a coastal town in SE Alaska with the closest city, Juneau, still being 7 hours away. The population of Gustavus is less than 500 and dangerous wildlife such as moose outnumber the locals. The town is only accessible via boat or plane due to the surroundings of distant mountains and ice fields on 3 sides and the 4th side being the Atlantic Ocean.

Thankfully, the town grocer Toshua Parker decided he was going to save the day.

Parker has a weekly routine that allows the town to receive affordable groceries. He pilots a barge through icy water to the world’s smallest Costco, has the ship loaded with $20k worth of food by warehouse workers, then turns around for a 7 hour voyage back to Gustavus.

“It’s like Christmas when the load gets here,” said Parker. “Everyone is waiting for it. Word gets out, and they all seem to know when it’s coming.”

-Toshua Parker

Parker is tied to the land because his great grandfather, Abraham Lincoln Parker, was the region’s first permanent homesteader in 1917. Parker opened his grocery store in 2010.

Q: How do you know your Alaskan?

A: You know which leaves make good toilet paper!

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