4 Tips to be Anti-Racist

First let’s start with what exactly is systemic racism?

“To put it bluntly, our country was set up to benefit white men, who have historically held positions of power and influence. Look at the wealth. Look at incarceration. Take a step back and observe our systems. Run an internet search on this topic and spend some time reading about it.”

-Harmony Hobbs at Upworthy

Equity and diversity are everyone’s responsibility. Every single one of us is responsible for getting us to be our very best selves as Americans. The onus is not on Black people to teach white people how to be.”

-Dr. Albert.

So how can an ordinary person make a dent in this issue? Dr. Albert gives us 4 helpful tips below.

“Give light and the people will find a way.” -Ella Baker
  1. 1. Influence your sphere of influence. This involves your roommates, family, friends, spouse, and children. Try to lovingly convey the message that “we all have to be in this together in order to dismantle racism.”

2. Use your influence. If you have influence to make decisions at your workplace, organization, or church you can use that power to make space for people of color. Think about what you may do to ensure that the climate and policies are set up so that marginalized people feel like they can succeed.

3. Demonstrate compassion. Exercising grace & compassion when dealing with ourselves and others is key to creating change.

People of color are exhausted, but we don’t have a choice but to be compassionate for wherever our friends are right now. It’s a part of their everyday work to help us get to our highest potential. If educating yourself is as far as you can go, great — do that. Because it will touch everyone you come in contact with.

-Dr. Albert

4. Manage yourself. Be committed to self-awareness and educating yourself. It’s so powerful when we’re willing to let go and see other’s viewpoints. It’s difficult but you have to be okay with sitting with some discomfort.

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