Mollie’s new job title is going to be 50% getting out in the community and spreading kindness. 3 times a week hopefully. Sharing on social while I spread kindness~~~~

Below is ideas for Mollie to spread kindness in Kansas City & across the country + Outreach Ideas for CG Community

Physical Ways to Spread Kindness for M

Reading Buddies at UCA: Every Wednesday 11:30 – 12

Freedom Fire: homeless serving food, lead small group? Friday nights

Refugees: check with Annie/Aleta

Delivering Flowers: partner with AmyAnn on old flowers

Morning Glory: homeless serving food – W morn?

Digital Ways to Spread Kindness for M

Digital Cards/Painting: send to random person

Encouraging phone calls

Glowing business reviews

Sending flowers

Send a ball

Care packages

Community Ways to Spread Kindness

First weekend of every month:

  • May 5th: Gather somewhere in morning? Loose Park? Everyone bring some snacks, M bring hygiene products + bags. Blank cards + pens. We supply coffee + give away some mini candles. People gather and socialize, drink coffee, write letters, bag up snacks & hygiene products. Some of us head downtown and give to homeless shelter or to homeless people we see.

Month of May Weekly Plans to Spread Kindness

05/04 week: Pray and Drive, Flowers to Moms: specifically Monday & Thursday with Calvin

05/10 week: UCA Landscaping! : Wednesday 05/13

05/18 week: Nursing Home Notes

05/25 week: Freedom Fire – 27th. Plan it out! Invite! Community